Pray In Jesus Name

What most don’t know about life is that there is both a natural and a spiritual realm. Prayer works in the spiritual and brings results into the natural. When faithful prayer is spoken then spiritual laws are activated and they can overtake natural laws.

As Believers, we have authority from Heaven and our prayers can change what we see around us. We really can pray Heaven down to earth. Prayer truly is powerful.

God planned all along for man to have authority here on earth. He wanted man to look after this special planet and He equipped them with everything they needed. As the story in the Bible goes, man gave that authority to the devil. It then took Jesus coming to earth to defeat the devil and to take the authority back.

In turn, Jesus then gave the authority back to man. It is now on us to see that God’s will is done through us here on earth.

Praying God’s Plan Into Existence

What a day we live in. We have the authority thanks to Jesus and we can take control by binding and loosing. 

God’s Word says that whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. In essence, what God is saying is that it’s up to us to pray to allow God to move here on earth. This is why it’s up to us to pray based on God’s Word in order to set spiritual laws in motion.

The Devil Will Try To Stop You

We know from what we learn in the Bible that as soon as we pray and answer is sent from God to us. However, the devil will try to hinder the answer from getting to us. Although we don’t know exactly how it works, we can see from Scripture that angels war against the enemy to get the answer into our lives. 

Therefore it’s important for us to not only ask God for help in situations we feel are relevant and important, we must also bind and loose things. We need to bind the enemy and loose God’s angels in Jesus Name.

Pray with Jesus name.

Jesus gave us the authority. It’s up to us to pray and through our faithful prayer based on the Bible, God can carry out His plan. Life and death is in our words. When we speak, we affect the spiritual realm around us.

Thanks to our Lord and Saviour, we have the power and authority to take charge and overcome the enemy. We have the power and can be used of God through praying to see His Kingdom advance.

Use the name of Jesus and pray fervently. Find promises in the Bible and pray in accordance with those promises. The name is very powerful. 

Its up to us to stand in the place Jesus has created for us. Both the spiritual and physical world around us will react to the believing words we speak.


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