Believe and Receive In Your Prayers Daily

Praying to the Lord daily is about believing God. Faith is what pleases Him. Only faith pleases Him and moves God to change the situations that you face. Mixed in with your asking the Lord you should also be thanking Him for the answer.

When our prayers are truly saturated with faith, we will not be anxious about what we are believing to see come to pass. Do not fret and do not worry. Understand that when you seek God through praying in alignment with the Bible, you have the petitions you desire.

Think Before You Ask God

Take a moment to think before going to God. Yes, before going to His throne room, ensure you know what you are going to seek Him about. What are you going to tell Him? There should never be a question as to how God will react because we have His Word on it. When we pray, it is His insight and wisdom that begins to illuminate our mind. God never changes and neither does God’s Word. When you pray according to His Word, you can know how He will respond to your prayers daily.

Earnest Intercession To The Lord

When we look a petition we find that it is a formal, written request. Biblical supplication is making a sincere, deep, and earnest plea to God. So take out a piece of paper when you are going to make earnest intercession. Be prepared. Write down your prayer requests and record them. This is an intimate and powerful moment where you are going before the Creator of the Universe. He is the one true God. There is no one higher than Him. Be bold and be yourself. Receive from Him through Christ, what you pray for.

If this seems strange to you then remember to renew your mind by God’s Word. Your prayer attitude must be renewed to what the Lord has said. There should be a reverential fear of Him yet, we should be like a child with our loving Father. There is no need for awkwardness. There is no place for shame. Run into His loving arms when you pray.

Do Not Worry About Your Prayers

We need to picture God taking our prayer and going to work. There is nothing too hard or difficult for Him. We need to understand this and not worry when we pray. He will take care of everything you have written down in your prayer journal. 

Remember that praying to God daily is not just about applying our faith to a situation but also receiving in our spirits, the desired result. Prayer should also be a time of praising and worshipping the Lord and thanking Him for all that He has done.

We can have absolute confidence when we pray because we know we are standing on God’s scriptures. When we have Bible verses to stand on, we know how He will respond to our supplications. 

In conclusion, before you pray, take the time to write it down and find scripture about it. Look for what God has said about it in order to build your confidence. Keep a prayer journal and write out your formal request and present it to the Lord. Believe you receive in prayer and don’t worry about one thing. Simply thank God for the answer you seek and stand believing Him until you see your desired result.


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