Believe and Receive In Your Prayers Daily

Praying to the Lord daily is about believing God. Faith is what pleases Him. Only faith pleases Him and moves God to change the situations that you face. Mixed in with your asking the Lord you should also be thanking Him for the answer.

When our prayers are truly saturated with faith, we will not be anxious about what we are believing to see come to pass. Do not fret and do not worry. Understand that when you seek God through praying in alignment with the Bible, you have the petitions you desire.

Think Before You Ask God

Take a moment to think before going to God. Yes, before going to His throne room, ensure you know what you are going to seek Him about. What are you going to tell Him? There should never be a question as to how God will react because we have His Word on it. When we pray, it is His insight and wisdom that begins to illuminate our mind. God never changes and neither does God’s Word. When you pray according to His Word, you can know how He will respond to your prayers daily.

Earnest Intercession To The Lord

When we look a petition we find that it is a formal, written request. Biblical supplication is making a sincere, deep, and earnest plea to God. So take out a piece of paper when you are going to make earnest intercession. Be prepared. Write down your prayer requests and record them. This is an intimate and powerful moment where you are going before the Creator of the Universe. He is the one true God. There is no one higher than Him. Be bold and be yourself. Receive from Him through Christ, what you pray for.

If this seems strange to you then remember to renew your mind by God’s Word. Your prayer attitude must be renewed to what the Lord has said. There should be a reverential fear of Him yet, we should be like a child with our loving Father. There is no need for awkwardness. There is no place for shame. Run into His loving arms when you pray.

Do Not Worry About Your Prayers

We need to picture God taking our prayer and going to work. There is nothing too hard or difficult for Him. We need to understand this and not worry when we pray. He will take care of everything you have written down in your prayer journal. 

Remember that praying to God daily is not just about applying our faith to a situation but also receiving in our spirits, the desired result. Prayer should also be a time of praising and worshipping the Lord and thanking Him for all that He has done.

We can have absolute confidence when we pray because we know we are standing on God’s scriptures. When we have Bible verses to stand on, we know how He will respond to our supplications. 

In conclusion, before you pray, take the time to write it down and find scripture about it. Look for what God has said about it in order to build your confidence. Keep a prayer journal and write out your formal request and present it to the Lord. Believe you receive in prayer and don’t worry about one thing. Simply thank God for the answer you seek and stand believing Him until you see your desired result.


Pray In Jesus Name

What most don’t know about life is that there is both a natural and a spiritual realm. Prayer works in the spiritual and brings results into the natural. When faithful prayer is spoken then spiritual laws are activated and they can overtake natural laws.

As Believers, we have authority from Heaven and our prayers can change what we see around us. We really can pray Heaven down to earth. Prayer truly is powerful.

God planned all along for man to have authority here on earth. He wanted man to look after this special planet and He equipped them with everything they needed. As the story in the Bible goes, man gave that authority to the devil. It then took Jesus coming to earth to defeat the devil and to take the authority back.

In turn, Jesus then gave the authority back to man. It is now on us to see that God’s will is done through us here on earth.

Praying God’s Plan Into Existence

What a day we live in. We have the authority thanks to Jesus and we can take control by binding and loosing. 

God’s Word says that whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. In essence, what God is saying is that it’s up to us to pray to allow God to move here on earth. This is why it’s up to us to pray based on God’s Word in order to set spiritual laws in motion.

The Devil Will Try To Stop You

We know from what we learn in the Bible that as soon as we pray and answer is sent from God to us. However, the devil will try to hinder the answer from getting to us. Although we don’t know exactly how it works, we can see from Scripture that angels war against the enemy to get the answer into our lives. 

Therefore it’s important for us to not only ask God for help in situations we feel are relevant and important, we must also bind and loose things. We need to bind the enemy and loose God’s angels in Jesus Name.

Pray with Jesus name.

Jesus gave us the authority. It’s up to us to pray and through our faithful prayer based on the Bible, God can carry out His plan. Life and death is in our words. When we speak, we affect the spiritual realm around us.

Thanks to our Lord and Saviour, we have the power and authority to take charge and overcome the enemy. We have the power and can be used of God through praying to see His Kingdom advance.

Use the name of Jesus and pray fervently. Find promises in the Bible and pray in accordance with those promises. The name is very powerful. 

Its up to us to stand in the place Jesus has created for us. Both the spiritual and physical world around us will react to the believing words we speak.


Prayer Is At Work In The Church

praying church

” and I will pray the father, and he shall give you another comforter, but he may abide with you forever; even the spirit of Truth; from the world cannot receive, because it see if him not, neither know with him: but you know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you” — John 14:16-17

In the beginning God said, “Let there be light…” The Holy Spirit moved to bring about what God the Father envisioned and desired. Jesus Christ and God’s Spirit brought it pass.

Similarly, we can see the power of God at work when Jesus was raised from the dead. God’s power was clearly evident as He was raised up.

Think of the Holy Spirit as the One who brings about what the Word says. And what is amazing, is that that self same Spirit lives inside of your Born Again spirit. He is working within every Believer right now.

He is also the One who is teaching you how to pray and helping you in every area of life.

When you pray in the Name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit responds to bring what has been spoken in faith and in alignment to God’s Word to pass. He desires that your faithful prayers are answered.

The Spirit of God is so important that Jesus even told His disciples to wait until they had received Him before they went out to minister. In other words, they need the Holy Spirit to fulfill what Jesus had asked them to do. The very moment you pray in faith based on the Bible, He gets to work!

Align Your Life With His Word

When the Church is praying in faith, the words you use release God’s Spirit to go to work for you. On the other hand, if you speak in unbelief, those faithless words can hurt Him. Yes, the Bible says God’s Spirit can be saddened. 

To put it another way, death and life are in the power of your tongue as it says in the Book of Proverbs. This is a clear reminder to watch your mouth. Be careful what words you use. Death can be released and that is imperative that we all take note of that.

When we pray or speak using words that are void of faith, it limits God in our lives. The Holy Spirit is somewhat tied up and unable to move as He would want to. 

Therefore be sure to choose life when you pray. Prayer based on God’s Word works miracles in your life. In fact, what comes out of your mouth dictates where your life goes. That is powerful!

Despite what you may be facing, good or bad, your words can maintain or change the atmosphere.

Praying The Word Of God

Prayer that is based upon the Bible works. God’s Word is His will for you and the Church. If you can find several scriptures that align with one another and are relevant to the New Testament, you’re agreeing with the Lord. This releases the Holy Spirit to act within your life.

All Believers have received the measure of faith according to Romans 12:3. It is a gift from God. So when we pray using the Word of God, this makes tremendous power available.

God’s Word is filled with wisdom to win the battles of life. In fact, the Bible says that your faith is like a shield. It’s part of your spiritual armor. So when you face situations in life, speak His Word. 

Yes, you can release your faith using your mouth. Your words create a shield against the attacks of the enemy. You can build a wall of protection by speaking and praying in faith based on the Word of God.

Choose today to start praying using scriptures. Ask God to help you find the right words to pray that line up with the Bible. This will lead to real results in the Church today!